We Regret to inform you they failed Broad agreement by experts on any subject rarely occurs.  It has occurred on one subject, our children’s nutrition. That is good, as broad agreement often leads to definitive opinions about a solution.  The opinion has been for the past 20 years that children’s nutrition has been subpar and […]

The Latest National Children’s Report Card on Nutrition

August 17, 2020

The Beet Root In a recent blog I detailed a newer study looking at a beet extract supplement, A-F Betafood® to restore normal gallbladder function.  This is the result of phytonutrients dense in beet, betalains and betaine.  Gallbladder disease now affects 25 million adults and often results in surgery and $6.2 billion in annual costs […]

More Research on a Nutritional Superstar

August 4, 2020

Vegan is not what it used to be A vegan diet has historically been associated with healthier eating.  This, however, may be less accurate now than it has been in the past.   It seems that the vegan diet has changed gradually in an unfavorable way with the progressively higher intake of industrial plant-based meat and […]

The Unhealthy Vegan

July 29, 2020

Exciting New Study on it’s Natural Treatment One of the common problems associated with chronic abdominal pain is gallbladder dysfunction and disease.  Dysfunction is a state of having symptoms from a poorly functioning gallbladder but without advanced disease present yet.  Long-standing dysfunction eventually may lead to diseases such as gallstones requiring surgery.  Appreciating that timeline, […]

Abdominal Pain and the Gallbladder

July 20, 2020

The American Heart Association did a dramatic policy shift a few years ago, changing the dietary recommendations for the prevention of heart disease.  The long touted low-fat diet was out and replaced with the recommendation of a lower carbohydrate diet with very restricted added sugar.  This was based on a growing body of evidence that […]

It is Tough Breaking Old Habits

January 2, 2020

Proton pump inhibitors are one of the most broadly used types of drugs with over 15 million adults using them by prescription and many more using OTC forms.  As their use has become more long-term for many, several adverse effects have been associated including fractures, pneumonia, Clostridium difficile diarrhea, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), hypomagnesemia, […]

Yet Another Precaution with Proton Pump Inhibitors

December 4, 2019

Functions in the brain such as memory occur by large groups of neurons or nerve cells sending messages to each other.  They do this by sending a chemical signal called a neurotransmitter across the gap between each pair of neurons.  The neurotransmitter in the brain’s pathways that are affected first in Alzheimer’s Disease is acetylcholine […]

Alzheimer’s and Eggs

November 7, 2019

I tip-toe into this blog wanting to not seem like I am blowing my own horn.  Actually, I see it as a “teaching moment”. Talking with patients about the impact of lifestyle improvement they often ask me if I do that.  Regarding factors that are common to good health my answer is “of course”.  As […]

Do I Do This?….of Course

October 22, 2019

Perhaps one of the greatest worries of small plane pilots is engine failure.  When the engine fails to make the plane fly, a crash often ensues.  Some new research shows that the mechanism which causes brain cells to die off in Alzheimer’s disease is the failure of the cells “engine” called the mitochondria. (1) The […]

Brain Cells in Alzheimer’s Suffer From Engine Failure

September 26, 2019

Indigestion, IBS, Reflux Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Difficulty Eczema and Rashes Fatigue, Joint and Muscle pain/stiffness Gluten Sensitivity   We Now Have Answers Food sensitivities have been a controversial topic within medicine.  The opinions range from the idea that food sensitivities do not exist, to they are a significant potential cause of many health problems.  As […]

The Food Sensitivity Controversy

August 23, 2018