IBS – Part 3 Dysbiosis is an imbalance in the microbiome living in the gut. To give a perspective how that can be such an important factor, the microbiome consisting of bacteria, yeasts, viruses and other organisms is made up of 100 trillion organisms.  To get a perspective on the size of the human microbiome, there […]

Dysbiosis – A Disordered Microbiome

March 9, 2021

I am asked several times daily what my opinion is of the COVID-19 vaccination.  I am happy to share that as well as how my opinion has been formed.  My training and career have been based on keeping up with the immense field of research relevant to my professional career.  Forming opinions in this area […]

My Thoughts on COVID-19 and Vaccination

January 28, 2021

IBS – Part 2 Food sensitivities and food allergies are often confused.  Persons suspected of having a food sensitivity often report, “I was tested for that and nothing was found”.  More in-depth discussion reveals that testing was done with skin testing, a method of testing that examines allergies rather than sensitivities. Allergies are caused by […]

The Many Faces of Food Sensitivities

January 14, 2021

What Causes It and How to Fix It Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is one of the most common causes of symptoms in the digestive tract.  It is estimated that 15-20% of the population have some degree of IBS.  Just over 50% of all patients presenting to health care providers for digestive symptoms will receive […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

January 12, 2021

A Path Out of It with Drugless Treatment Depression is a significant problem affecting 15% or 1 in 6 adults at some point in life.  It is the leading cause of disability in developed nations.  The stress of the pandemic has made things worse. A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical […]

The Stressed, Inflamed Loop of Depression

January 7, 2021

Recent guidelines have been established to reduce what is now perceived as the greatest dietary threat to our health, sugar intake.  Guidelines from the FDA, WHO and American Heart Association all have settled on an intake of no more that 50 grams per day for adults and substantially less for children.  For a perspective on […]

Guidelines Have Little Impact on the Love Affair with Sugar

October 14, 2020

It Is Lifestyle Related and a Drug Will Not Fix It In what has become an all too familiar story, another drug trial failed to produce any important benefit.  Genentech recently announced that the phase II trial of their drug semorinemab failed to produce any measurable clinical effect in slowing the decline in cognitive function […]

Yet Another Failed Alzheimer’s Drug Trial

October 6, 2020

Our Brains Cannot Tell Psychosocial Stress from Fear Psychosocial stress and fear have traditionally been looked at as different emotional experiences that are processed through different areas of the brain.  New study has found that this is not the case and the human brain reacts the same to both stimuli. The study used functional MRI […]

How We Develop Anxiety

September 23, 2020

Making our liver human foie gras If you were fructose or the food industry that loads us up with fructose, you would be having a really bad year.  The reasons for our increased fructose consumption are that it increases the drive to the brain center which controls our eating behavior and it is inexpensive.  Most […]


September 2, 2020

Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a disorder of nerves within the body, particularly in the legs/feet and arms/hands.  Symptoms include: Loss of sensation to touch, vibration, and temperature Intense pain called neuropathic pain Muscle weakness. The various symptoms relate to the degeneration of different types of nerve fibers within the nerve; motor fibers in the case […]

Peripheral Neuropathy

August 20, 2020