We are very excited to now have a full spine set up to treat osteoporosis.  The first question may be what is PEMF Therapy?  PEMF is the acronym for pulsed electromagnetic frequency.  Bone is stimulated to remodel and repair by the mechanical stimulation from weight bearing activity.  This stimulation is generated by electromagnetic impulses generated […]

Our Enhanced PEMF Therapy for Osteoporosis

March 21, 2024

Many persons with osteoporosis or osteopenia are apprehensive about drug therapy for it given either the known adverse effects or, for some, a previously experienced adverse effect.  Not treating the disease, however, is not a wise option given the tendency for potentially debilitating fracture to occur.  So, the question is, what other effective treatment options […]

Can A Non-Drug Osteoporosis Treatment Program Work?

February 22, 2024