Our Enhanced PEMF Therapy for Osteoporosis

We are very excited to now have a full spine set up to treat osteoporosis.  The first question may be what is PEMF Therapy?  PEMF is the acronym for pulsed electromagnetic frequency.  Bone is stimulated to remodel and repair by the mechanical stimulation from weight bearing activity.  This stimulation is generated by electromagnetic impulses generated by slight deformation/movement in bone during weight bearing.  The electromagnetic impulses activate cell signaling stimulating bone repair and generation.

Once it was understood how bone was stimulated to initiate repair activity, it was soon appreciated that these pathways could be “biohacked” by adding different electromagnetic signals.  PEMF therapy is the most effective.  Three clinical trials with PEMF have found that a course of 36 treatments raised BMD from 25-39%.  The expected increase over 1-3 years with drug therapy is 5-7% with first line drugs called biophosphonates.

By default, a typical DEXA scan to measure bone mineral density only measures it in the lumbar or lower spine, hips and in the right radius/wrist.  However, newer research looking at an alternative to a DEXA scan called quantitative computed tomography (QCT) has been implemented. 

Quantitative computed tomography (QCT) was pioneered at UCSF to be used when DEXA is not effective such as with severe arthritis in the spine.  It involves a little more radiation (similar to a mammogram) than DEXA.  While the standard QCT for bone density is done in the same areas as a DEXA, It can be measured from CT scans done in the upper spine to evaluate coronary artery calcification or other chest pathologies. 

These upper spine/thoracic CT studies have found that loss of bone mineral density is equally common in the thoracic spine as it is in the lumbar spine.  In fact, vertebral compression fractures are almost equally common in the midthoracic spine as in the lumbar spine. 

To optimize our PEMF therapy for osteoporosis we have added a second hoop electromagnetic solenoid to cover the entire spine.  We were waiting for shipment from the factory in Italy and now have it installed and operating.  These solenoids circle the spine generating 360-degree stimulation.  Once the patient is on the table, they slide up a track to the precise location we are targeting.  The lower solenoid also covers the hips which is also a common area of osteoporosis and fracture risk.

PEMF therapy is truly an effective alternative to drug therapy for osteoporosis.  Many who are concerned about the potential adverse effects of drug therapy and those who have already tried them and discontinued because they were experiencing adverse effects now have options, options which may actually outperform drug therapy.