It is likely that >90% of packaged foods contain some GMO. Food sensitivities are many time more common than true allergies and they are much harder to diagnose. Food sensitivity symptoms may include bloating and sluggishness after eating, abdominal pain, dark circles under the eyes, chronic postnasal drip and sinus congestion. Food sensitivities are the […]

How Can I Have Food Sensitivities? – My Blood Tests Were Normal

September 9, 2011

Perhaps the best rule of good nutrition is to eat as much food as is possible that does not need a label (simple, whole foods). Unfortunately, this is not always possible and we must enter the jungle of packaged foods. The best defense in doing so is knowledge of how to understand from the label […]

Stuff Disguised as Food – How to Read a Label

March 30, 2011

In the past century, farming became “industrialized” and animals were raised in whatever way could boost yield and profit most. It is estimated that between 60% and 70% of health problems now are caused by nutrition. While many appreciate that we are what we eat, it is not well recognized that we are also what […]

Stuff Disguised as Food – Meat, Eggs and Dairy

March 14, 2011