As we discussed in the previous blog post, disruption of the single cell intestinal barrier which separates the immune layer from the contents of the intestinal lumen is a known component to the onset of autoimmunity.  A leaky gut barrier allows highly inflammatory and immune activating bacterial particles called lipopolysaccharides (LPS) to flood into the […]

Dysbiosis and Autoimmunity

December 27, 2022

The first line of defense in the body against invaders that can abnormally activate the immune system are our physical barriers such as the skin and intestinal barrier.  The intestinal barrier is especially important for multiple reasons: If this barrier is “breached” the body is flooded with factors that activate inflammation and antibody production to […]

Autoimmunity and Leaky Gut

December 8, 2022

One of a Few Common Chronic Diseases That We Are Now More Likely to Face Advances in research have helped the U.S. enjoy decreasing rates of several chronic diseases over the past 3 decades.  Autoimmune disease has been a notable exception to this trend increasing rather dramatically.  This trend has been broad with sharp increases […]


December 1, 2022