Do I Do This?….of Course

I tip-toe into this blog wanting to not seem like I am blowing my own horn.  Actually, I see it as a “teaching moment”.

Talking with patients about the impact of lifestyle improvement they often ask me if I do that.  Regarding factors that are common to good health my answer is “of course”.  As one of my favorite speakers on goals used to say, “if you want to lose weight, find a skinny doctor.”

That said, I have to work hard at my health as does everyone else.  Each day before going to the office I am out biking for an hour.  On the weekends I ride 30-50 miles each day.  Yes, I love it, but I also appreciate the importance of it in my health plan.  If one reviews the impact of exercise on the risk of the common diseases seen in “accumulating maturity”, there is quality research that regular exercise affords a degree of protection.  It also affords enjoyment and pride in accomplishment.

This past weekend, I enjoyed all of this with family.  Our daughter got the idea that we should do a team triathlon event.  She would swim, I would bike, and our friend Scott Cohen would run.  The first attempt was the Patriot Half IronMan Triathlon in Williamsburg 4 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, it was the day after the remnants of Hurricane Dorian passed through causing the swim to be cancelled because of debris in the water.  The 57-mile bike was not so I raced that.

As things go she found another race for us to try at Smith Mountain Lake.  Not to be without challenges, it was 39o when we arrived that morning.  The lake looked as if it was smoldering which was caused by contrast of the air temperature with the 70o water. 

Becky did great passing the timing chip off to me to bike.  The impact of the name of the venue quickly became a reality, Smith Mountain Lake.  Unlike at the beach where the only climb in a 40-mile ride may be the 150 yards up the Pungo Ferry Bridge, there were endless climbs.  When I finished and passed off to our runner, he did great. 

It had been a while since I had raced, and I had forgotten the image of being in a group of 350+ fit, lean people who enjoy and embrace exercise.  It was also the qualifier for the NCAA Eastern Regional Championship and so great to see all of these young folks involved in activity that they can continue well into life as a piece of their healthy lifestyle.  Not sure why they all would address me as “sir” when we interacted.  Must be my accumulated maturity.

So when I am asked, “do you do that” my honest answer is “of course”.