New Earth Farm

If you are looking for a farm that grows and provides all-natural, chemical free produce and products, make sure to check out New Earth Farm. New Earth Farm is a 21 acre sustainable, working, all-natural and educational farm in Virginia Beach. They put a focus on building healthy soil through composting, input of biological material, utilizing cover crops, crop rotation, natural mulches and more. They are also working on becoming a carbon sequestering farm through the making and use of bio-char. New Earth Farm has also won the 2012 Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s local and regional Clean Water Farm Award for their safe and sustainable practices and biological treatment of the land as well as the City of Virginia Beach Public Schools “Partner in Education” award in 2014.

New Earth Farm sells their products on the farm, through their CSA, at local retail stores, local restaurants, and local farmers markets. Their all-natural Virginia Beach grown products can be found at Whole Foods Market, Virginia Garden Organic Grocery, The Heritage Market, Old Beach Farmers Market at Croc’s, West Side Produce and Provisions, Five Points Farmers Market, many other locations throughout Hampton Roads. Some local restaurants that you can find their products at are Fruitive, Terrapin, Taste Unlimited, Baladi, Hashi Food Truck and more.

A big part of New Earth Farm is to support and help educate people about healthy, responsible and sustainable food.  They are passionate about sustainable, clean, nutritious, and delicious local food and the positive impact it has on the health of people and the environment. They have a learning garden where they host classes, camps, activities and other friendly events for anyone interested in farming, gardening, organic and sustainable methods, healthy farm-to-table cooking and much more!

So be sure to check out New Earth Farms for some great all-natural, chemical free produce and products at 1885 Indian River Road in Virginia Beach. New Earth Farms is open every Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm for fresh produce sales to the public and Monday through Saturday from 10:00am-5:00pm for wholesale and garden supply sales. But just keep in mind that they are closed for the winter! Their website also says that they are going through big changes and will reopen in spring 2017, so we are looking forward to see what that is!

For more information about New Earth Farm give them a call at 757-536-6102 or visit their Facebook page at

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