Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

Effective, Safe and Natural Skin Rehabilitation

Microcurrent therapy helps to restore much of the function of younger skin, which keeps it looking full and smooth. This involves healthy activity of skin cells, adequate collagen production and maintenance, and healthy facial muscle cells. Collagen is the “fiber” around skin cells which creates the volume and quality of the skin. Collagen makes up approximately 35% of healthy skin making it easy to see how collagen loss would negatively impact skin appearance.

There are over 30 muscles on the head and face involved in facial appearance. Just as age and activity change can cause visible loss of muscle in the arms and legs, the same loss occurs on the head and face. Microcurrent is unique in that it upregulates cell energy production improving function in skin cell, collagen and muscle cells creating the ideal therapy for skin regeneration. The result is firming, smoothing, and re-hydration of the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How Does Microcurrent Work?

The activity within every cell in the body involves electromagnetic signaling. A cardiologist relies heavily on an EKG to diagnose the status of the heart. EKG is simply reading the electrical activity that the heart cells generate during their metabolic activity. Similarly, a neurologist may rely heavily on an EEG. EEG, or an electroencephalogram is a way to look at the activity and status of the brain by measuring the electrical activity of the cells. EMG or electromyogram is used to look at muscle cell activity; a nerve conduction test looks at nerve electromagnetic activity and so on. The healthy activity of our cells involves electromagnetic activity!

Microcurrent is very low intensity current. It is most similar to the very small electrical current our own cells produce to function. TENS current which is often used to suppress pain is measured in milliamps (1 milliamp = 1/1000 amp. Microcurrent, in contrast, is measured in millionths of amps (1 microamp =1/1,000,000 amp). The specific effects on cell function relate to the strength of a given current.

The early work with microcurrent found that it was effective in stimulating wound healing. This was thought to result from the direct activation of skin cell and collagen activity. Animal studies found that cell energy (ATP) production needed for healing or regeneration was increased 5-fold following microcurrent treatment.

Subsequent research has related this regeneration to activation of a local form of stem cells called stellate cells. Research has also demonstrated that microcurrent increases protein kinase B in muscle including a wide variety of cell processes which increase muscle volume and regeneration. In youthful skin the muscle tone and volume below it accounts for much of the surface contour. As muscles age they tend to lose volume creating wrinkles and sagging of the overlying skin. The facial muscle configuration is actually considerably more complex than that of other areas such as the upper arms or thighs. This complexity makes a considerable contribution to the quality and volume of the facial features.

Microcurrent is unique amoung electrotherapies in producing these cell effects. Microcurrent at and below 650 microamps yields the regenerating effects in skin cells, muscle cells and in collagen. Current at 1000 microamps which is 1 milliamp as used in other electrotherapies such as TENS actually reduce cell activation. While these other types of current such as TENS are useful for other purposes such as pain suppression, the tissue regenerating quality is unique to microcurrent.

Almost all other cosmetic skin procedures change a single feature. Collagen injections only add collagen volume but without enhancing muscle volume and tone of skin cell quality. Botox injections temporarily paralyze muscles preventing the pulling of the skin in facial expression that creates wrinkles. These are all temporary changes that carry some risk.

Microcurrent treatment is “multimodal” working on re-building skin cells, muscle cells and collagen.It is really the ideal combination in skin enhancement with the added bonus of being safe and non-invassive.

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