Grilled Asparagus with Blue Cheese

Servings: 8                                                                                      Prep time: 30 minutes



30 medium asparagus spears, trimmed

½ pint grape tomatoes, halved

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, divided

¼ cup chopped fresh chives

1 tablespoon crumbled blue cheese

2 teaspoons red wine vinegar



Roast or grill the asparagus until tender. Place in a rectangular casserole dish. Put the tomatoes on a baking sheet and brush with about ½ tablespoon olive oil.  Broil under high heat until the skins blister. Arrange the tomatoes on top of the asparagus. Sprinkle with the chives and blue cheese. Whisk the remaining ½ tablespoon of the oil and the vinegar together in a bowl until emulsified. Pour the mixture over the vegetables and serve.


Nutritional Facts Per Serving

Serving Size: 5 spears

Sugar: Fiber = 1:1

Mono: Sat = 2:1

Calories: 35

Carbohydrates (g): 3

Fat (g): 2

Cholesterol (mg): 0

Protein (g): 2

Sodium (mg): 15

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