Full Quiver Farm

Full Quiver Farm is a small family operated farm that features fresh pastured poultry, pasture raised pork, and grass finished beef, natural eggs and Thanksgiving turkey. They are committed to the following old-world practices: They fertilize the old fashion way, with compost and manure. They believe that animals raised outdoors on frequently rotated pasture create a healthy environment. Their animals are treated lovingly and humanely. They try as much as possible to provide a habitat that closely resembles the animal’s natural environment. And, of course they use non-GMO feed.

The authentic country brown eggs are pasture raised. The birds are in the sun daily and are fed non-GMO feed. They run about the pasture, eat grass, clover and grasshoppers. They are healthy and strong and lay eggs that display that same vitality in appearance, taste and happiness. They are protected from predators in an open-air shelter; this natural low-stressed environment produces a healthy low-fat bird with a tender taste you just can’t beat. Their pigs are also happy and low-stressed, they are raised outdoors, pampered, allowed to root and dig and express its piggyness. Full Quiver Farm prefers the Angus and Hereford breeds of beef which have excellent quality meat. They are lean and flavorful since they are natural and grass fed. They spend their lives in green pasture eating a “salad bar” of pasture and grass, a cow’s natural diet with no growth hormones or antibiotics. Full Quiver Farms also have naturally raised turkey that sells out every year for Thanksgiving!

Be sure to check out Full Quiver Farms located at 2801 Manning Road in Suffolk, Virginia. A way to get Full Quiver Farm products without having to drive all the way out to their farm in Suffolk is to join the buying club. There is no membership fee, just a 6% delivery fee, which is much less than driving out to Suffolk! Place your order online, pay online and the products are delivered to a hostess of your choosing near you. Deliveries will mostly occur every month on a certain scheduled delivery date.

For more information about Full Quiver Farm give them a call at 757-539-5324 or visit their website at http://www.fullquiverfarm.com/

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