Commune was founded on the philosophy that the best tasting food just also happens to be the freshest and healthiest food for both the eater and our environment. Therefore, using the freshest, locally grown and sustainable ingredients is Commune’s top priority to the extent that if it is not available locally, they don’t use it. Their backyard garden even serves as one of the several sources for what is on the menu. It is so fresh that the chefs can walk right outside, pick a vegetable out of the ground, wash it off, prepare it and plate it. The ingredients in the dishes and drinks have a fresh and pure focus, coming not only from Commune’s own garden, but from farms and fishermen in the region.

Unlike other restaurants that change their menu every couple months or years, Commune’s menu changes day-to-day because what is in season changes day-to-day. They work with ingredients that have been picked early that morning, or just been laid by a chicken. This makes their menu unique. Offered on their menu are a number of breakfast entrees, salads and soups, sandwiches, open face toasts, crepes, and small plates or “snacks”. Since their menu depends on what is local and in seasons, their menu changes constantly to evolve with the seasons. At the end of the season they preserve whatever bounty is left so that they can serve delicious tomato sauce, pickled okra and dried herbs all year long. Their bar also serves a variety of carefully selected and handcrafted beverages. This includes local brews, Virginia wines, coffee from Hatiti and roasted by La Colombe, house made lemonades, teas and craft sodas all made with ingredients from their garden. Commune also offers a large selection of homemade goods that are made from scratch using local eggs, milk, cream, organic flours and fresh seasonal fruits.

The name commune suggests togetherness, and at Commune the name comes truthfully. While dining at Commune, you can sit at the bar or take a seat at one of the multi-person tables. This seating invites people to sit with others and share their dining experience. Check out Commune located at 501 Virginia Beach Boulevard. They are open Monday through Thursday from 8:00am-3:00pm and Friday through Sunday from 8:00am-4:00pm.

For more information about Commune give them a call at 757-963-8985 or visit their website at

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